Posted: 22nd December 2014

The new Hamilton Pride crew have one successful festival under their belts. We caught up with them on what Pride means, how lgbti-friendly Hamilton is and how it’s coping without its only gay club.

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 Short Film Sunday: AWOL
Posted: 21st December 2014
Days before her deployment to Afghanistan, 19-year-old Joey comes home to rural Pennsylvania for Christmas, with big dreams of running away to Canada.

 Where to camp it up this summer
Posted: 20th December 2014
Rain, rain stay away! It's nearly time for thousands of LGBT Kiwis to escape the city - here's our annual guide to Vinegar Hill, Uretiti Beach and Autumn Farm!

 The NZAF's Christmas message
Posted: 19th December 2014
New Zealand AIDS Foundation Executive Director Shaun Robinson says while 2014 has been a big year for the organisation, continued vigilance in the prevention of HIV and STIs is needed.

 Auckland Pride 2015: event snapshot
Posted: 18th December 2014
Some of the many events which will fill the extended three week 2015 Auckland Pride Festival programme have been revealed.

Is marriage the only escape?
Comic: Surviving Queersmas
Short Film Sunday: Beautiful By Night

Watch: Holidays at Litchfield
Posted: 20th December 2014
A little Christmas message from the team at one of the best shows of the year, Orange is the New Black!

"Honouring our hero Tori Johnson"
Watch: YouTube Rewind 2014

Hudson and Hall and Mr Blobby! 14 Dec 14, 11:11:pm
just want to meet some people in north shore city 14 Dec 14, 01:57:pm
Senior looking for friendship in Lower Hutt 12 Dec 14, 11:40:pm
We want to meet our li'l pumpkin. We need an egg donor to make it happen! 02 Dec 14, 11:31:pm
Co-parenting 01 Dec 14, 09:19:pm
I'm not trans but I suffer similar experience as they do 29 Nov 14, 04:38:pm
[Post removed by Moderator] 11 Nov 14, 11:33:pm
Would be good if Grant Robertson was Labour's leader as a sign of acceptance 03 Nov 14, 07:25:am

Religious freedom, but at what price?
Posted: 8th December 2014
"Since leaving the Exclusive Brethren I’ve come into contact with all sorts of people whose lives have been ruined by their church’s refusal to accept them as a person," writes Craig Hoyle.

Big Splash at GABA’s charity auction
Five years on, the scars remain

Is marriage the only escape?
Comic: Surviving Queersmas

The biggest HIV/AIDS research breakthroughs of 2014
Posted: 20th December 2014
The Huff Post rounds up a list of the most exciting HIV and AIDS findings of 2014.

The NZAF's Christmas message
Decades of making a difference - Pt3

Firstblight: "Coming out" wrong
Posted: 19th December 2014
Seventh Day Adventism is a tiny conservative sect. So why is it picking a fight with the New Zealand LGBT community?

Deconstructing West City Bible Baptist Church
"One area of justice that we have failed to attend to is hate"
PLEASE - no threats - no violence - no hate!

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